A company in the market since 1979

Collagraf S.R.L., a manufacturer of high-quality hot-melt adhesives, has continued the work started in 1979 by Elettrograf s.a.s. in the field of hot-melt adhesive production. Today, Collagraf can rely on the trust of thousands of customers across 32 different countries. Thanks to its continuous commitment to research and innovation, Collagraf is now able to produce a wide range of hot-melt adhesives used in many industries and production sectors due to their remarkable adhesive properties and application versatility. In the Rosate plant, a few kilometers outside Milan, various types of hot-melt adhesives are produced: EVA-based hot-melts, polyolefin-based (PO) hot-melts, acrylic hot-melts (EBA), and EVA-based adhesives with permanent pressure-sensitive adhesives (PSA).

Another strength of the company is its ability to produce various hot melt adhesive formulations in multiple different formats: Stick diameter 7mm, 11mm, 12mm, 15mm; cartridges diameter 43mm; granules, pillows, and pellets.

Always by your side

Collagraf S.R.L. has been producing high-quality hot-melt adhesives and glues since 1979 and has always been a leader in the hot-melt glue and adhesive sector. Relying on Collagraf products means benefiting from quick bonding, easy application, and long-lasting durability.

Every product made by Collagraf is non-toxic, solvent-free, and can safely come into direct or indirect contact with food, without any risk of contamination or harmful substance migration.

Collagraf’s glues and adhesives are so versatile that they can be used on a wide variety of surfaces, from wood to plastic, from glass to metal, from ceramics to cardboard, up to leather, synthetic fibers, and electronic components. Should any difficulties arise, our technical and commercial staff are always available to solve problems or even just for some advice.

Research and new technologies

In any type of production or work process, development and innovation must always be at the forefront of a company’s priorities. In this regard, Collagraf is no exception, as one of the company’s strengths is its constant work in research and development, in the search for ever more advanced technologies. Over the years, many resources have been invested in new technologies to meet every new customer need.

Collagraf’s main goal has always been to meet the expectations of each of them, thus the production approach has focused on innovation in every phase of the production process and the creation of new adhesive formulations.

For this reason, all Collagraf-branded hot-melt glues and adhesives can be used for any application, both in the industrial and hobby fields, with the special feature that each formulation is produced in various formats, even in 43 mm diameter cartridges or so-called Pillows, ideal for those industrial sectors where automatic machinery such as melters, plotters, folding-gluing lines, case-makers, and continuous packaging lines are used.

Our products

All our production aims to meet every type of customer need, thus offering a wide range of hot-melt adhesives suitable for both industrial and hobby use. Regarding EVA-based hot-melt adhesives, Collagraf produces dozens of types suitable for every market, from packaging to paper converting, from craft to DIY, from construction to furniture production, finding wide use naturally also in packaging/boxing, bonding of textile fibers and fabrics, and assembly of plastic materials.

Our polyolefin-based hot-melt adhesives (metallocene polymers), on the other hand, represent one of the most important innovations in the sector, as these innovative formulations can be used in the bonding of plastic materials such as polyester, polyethylene, and polypropylene. Moreover, they allow the bonding of lacquered and/or painted surfaces, ensuring quick setting and significant resistance to high temperatures once applied. Acrylic-based hot-melt adhesives (EBA) have been developed to allow the bonding of rigid materials and plastic surfaces where a very long open time is required (bonding of large surfaces).

Thanks to their characteristics, they allow ideal adhesion on shiny surfaces such as wood, plastic, or bricks and are recommended for bonding heavy or large materials. Among Collagraf’s flagship products are EVA+PSA compounds based on innovative formulations that involve the combination of EVA-based raw materials with Pressure Sensitive Adhesives (PSA). This is a range of products that ensures high adhesion on non-bondable surfaces, guaranteeing long-lasting adhesion. This is made possible by the aforementioned Pressure Sensitive adhesives, which have the extraordinary ability to remain always active, providing almost permanent stickiness.

For this reason, they are widely used in the labeling sector, publishing, and some packaging sectors. Finally, polyamide-based hot-melt adhesives (PA) are particularly suitable for those industrial sectors such as electronics or automotive, where both very strong and high-temperature-resistant adhesives are needed, as polyamide-based adhesives can withstand temperatures exceeding 140-150°C.