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The COLLAGRAF guns apply sticks of adhesive which melt at high temperatures, causing an istantaneous hot gluing.
The assembling takes just a few seconds.
The COLLAGRAF adhesive sticks are solid, solvent-free, and do not produce unpleasant odours. They are non-toxic, uninflammable,
single component, and the desired distribution can be easily measured, thereby obtaining a simple and clean assembling.
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has been working in the “HOT MELT” glues sector and their applicators for over 20 years.
The glues have been designed for the assembly of a diverse range of materials:

• wood
• plastic
• glass
• metal
• ceramics
• cardboard
• paper
• leather
• synthetic fibres
• electrical components

These glues have been designed for all types of industries, and can be used for sealing and filling.


Some marketable goods sectors which are particularly suited to the use of “HOT MELT” glue

Technical paper Ceramics Toys Cardboard packaging Cases Gifts Footwear Electrical components Furniture Suitcases Leather Goods Samples Costume jewellery Carpeting Cars Upholstery Plastic materials Pictures Helmets Packing Pack. C/O third parties Televisions Insulating materials Thermoacoustic Frames Do-it-yourself Umbrellas Trimmings Cups and trophies Chocolate boxes Silver Christmas art. Model-making Air and oil filters Small cables and music al instruments Decorating Refrigerators Mirrors Moquette Polystyrene Polythene Rubber sponge Book-binding Fastenings skirting boards Lamp-shades
Artificial flower and plant Arrangements Cork Door-mats