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The COLLAGRAF guns apply sticks of adhesive which melt at high temperatures, causing an istantaneous hot gluing.
The assembling takes just a few seconds.
The COLLAGRAF adhesive sticks are solid, solvent-free, and do not produce unpleasant odours. They are non-toxic, uninflammable,
single component, and the desired distribution can be easily measured, thereby obtaining a simple and clean assembling.
Discover all applications of the Collagraf guns

Gluing of fabric borders on various materials
(wood, plastic, iron, etc.).


Gluing of various carparts: door panel, moquette,
cables or electrical wires, etc..



To glue any type of paper and card, including coated
and varnished.


Gluing of tiles on walls or sample cards.


Gluing details in wood. Gluing material on
material. Gluing various materials on plastic.


Closed box packaging.
Very fast gluing system of small boxes.


Gluing decorations on leather. Gluing ceramic
on wood. Gluing silver on wood, resin or plastic
support. Gluing of statues or cups on support.
Gluing various articles of costume jewellery.



Gluing insoles. Spreading of HOT MELT
glue to glue rubber-wood (clogs).


Gluing and sealing of coils. Fastening of
thermostat. Sealing of various internal parts.

Gluing various materials inside the suitcase.



To glue shock-resistant materials inside helmets.



Gluing electrical wires or cables on walls
or skirting boards.



Gluing polishing brushes (on felt-plastic, etc.).
Gluing details on barometers.


Fixing of filters.



Gluing of insulating material in large houses
on lagging and piping.


Gluing drawer bottoms. Wood on wood.


Gluing of mirrors on wood, plastic, ceramic, etc.


Gluing of cork on to various materials
(wood, plastic, ceramics, sheet metal, etc.



Gluing fabric on wood base. Gluing sponge
on plastic trimmings.


Fabric ceramic, leather samples, etc.



Special HOT MELT (polyamide) to isolate and fix various components. To isolate and also fill in cavities.
Fixing of speakers on radio-tv appliances, etc.